"Rejoice, my son, for thou hast chosen the Amulet of Right o'er the Sword of Might! Therefore, let there be beauty and strength--power and compassion--honour and humility, mirth and reverence--within you... Be one with thy brothers of the Round Table--with Arthur and Lancelot, Gawain and Galahad, with them all... Be thou what they were--a hero! Strive forever to maintain the rule of right--of law and justice--against those who live and rule by might."

Chris Claremont, "From the Holocaust--A Hero!" Captain Britain No. 2 (20 Oct. 1976)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CFP: Comics Get Medieval 2011 (12/1/10; PCA 4/20-23/11 San Antonio)


Celebrating our sixth year in 2011, proposals are now being considered for inclusion at “The Comics Get Medieval 2011,” a series of panels and roundtables sponsored by the Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages and to be hosted by the Comics & Comic Art Area of the Popular Culture Association (PCA) for the 2011 Joint Conference of the National Popular Culture and American Culture Associations to be held from 20-23 April 2011 at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter & Riverwalk Hotels, 101 Bowie Street , San Antonio,TX 78205.

The goal of these sessions is to foster communication between medievalists, comics scholars, and specialists in popular culture studies in general.  The organizers define “medieval comics” as any aspect of the comics medium (panel cartoons, comic strips, comics books, comics albums, band dessinée, graphic novels, manga, webcomics, comics to film/film to comics, etc.) that feature medieval themes either in stories set during the Middle Ages or in stories presenting some element of the medieval in the post-medieval era.  We are also interested in papers looking at medieval comics from a pedagogical perspective.

Completed papers should be delivered in 15-20 minutes (depending on the number of presenters). All proposals will also be considered for inclusion in an essay collection to be edited by the panel organizers beginning in late 2011.  (Individuals only interested in submitting for the collection should also send proposals by 1 December 2010 deadline and indicate their preference in the email.)

In addition, a select list of potential topics and a bibliographic guide to medieval comics will appear as part of THE MEDIEVAL COMICS PROJECT web site available at <http://MedievalComicsProject.org> and THE ARTHUR OF THE COMICS website available at <http://Arthur-of-the-Comics.org/>, both organized by the Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages.

No later that 1 December 2010, interested individuals (who must be members of PCA or ACA or join for 2011) should submit full contact information (name, address, phone/cell, and email), titles, and abstracts of 300-500 words to the sessions’ organizers, who will then forward them to area chair. Address all inquiries and proposals to the organizers at the following address: <Medieval.Comics.Project@gmail.com> and include “Comics Get Medieval 2011” in the subject line.

Friday, August 6, 2010

CFP: Dave Sim Cerebus Book (11/30/10)


Dave Sim Cerebus Book
Call for Papers Date: 2010-11-30
Date Submitted: 2010-03-02
Announcement ID: 174541
EADLINE: November 30, 2010

Call for papers for a collection of critical essays on various aspects of or approaches to Dave Sim's comic book Cerebus, both a scholarly and popular, though coherent, companion (and introduction) to the series.

Any subject matter is welcome, so long as it pertains to Dave Sim and/or Cerebus.

Some recommendations:

Discussion of 1970's comics scene in which Dave first started to contribute together with a discussion of the various influences on Cerebus (Howard the Duck, Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja)

Cerebus as satire of the comics medium (The Roach, "reads," etc)

Cerebus as social satire (political and religious satire)

The shift in tone from earlier and later Cerebus as a result of Dave's conversion

The influence of Cerebus on the comics industry

Cerebus and the graphic "Novel"

Dave Sim as self-publisher and his feud with Gary Groth and the Comics Journal

Dave Sim and the CBLDF

Comics fandom and Aardvark Comment (& the Yahoo Group)

Narrative structure in Cerebus

"Mind Games"

"Something Fell"

Dave Sim as magpie (Barry Windsor-Smith, Mort Drucker, etcetera)

Gerhard's impact on Cerebus

Sim's use of literary characters (Wilde, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, etc)

Sim's use of public personas (Elrod, Mick and Keef, Lord Julius, Konigsberg, The 3 Stooges, etc)

Meta-narrative in Cerebus (Viktor Davis/Reid in Reads, Sim in Minds and Guys)

Cerebus and Religion (both pre-and post-conversion)

Cerebus as a critique of feminism

Gender issues in Cerebus (male/female light/void, he/she/it, YHWH, God,
"Tangent," "10 Impossible Things," etc)

Eric Hoffman
Email: lily_anselm@yahoo.com

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Graphic Engagement: The Politics of Comics and Animation (conference: 9/2-4/10)

Unfortunately, this is now past the date for submissions. A draft of the schedule was posted 24 July.


UPDATE- Extended deadline: Graphic Engagement: The Politics of Comics and Animation (conference: 2-4 Sept. 2010, EXTENDED deadline: 09 July 2010)
Location: Indiana, United States
Call for Papers Deadline: 2010-07-09
Date Submitted: 2010-06-23
Announcement ID: 177086

The Purdue Comparative Literature Program presents the 2010 Conference
Graphic Engagement: The Politics of Comics and Animation

Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN

September 2-4, 2010

The Purdue University Comparative Literature Program welcomes papers that explore the ways in which comics and film animation engage us politically and profoundly influence the way we define gender, race, religion, class, and nationhood. “Political” can be defined broadly, relating not only to affairs of state, but also the praxis of visual narrative and ways it affects individual identity and community dynamics. Possible paper topics may include, but are not limited to:

The appropriation of national myths and folktales in animated film

Dynamics of humor and subversion in syndicated comic strips

Imaging the ethnic/racial other in comics and other forms of visual narrative

Representations of gender and sexuality in anime and manga

The Franco-Belgian comics tradition and its political import

The language of comics as a form of rhetoric

Superheroes as defining, or complicating, communal and national identity

The use of graphic novels and animation in the classroom

Socio-political issues surrounding graphic novels and library cataloging

The links between comic/animated images and the gaming industry

Visual representations of conflict in such places as Israel, Korea, and Germany

Political cartooning and its social impact

Representations of trauma in comics and animation

Journalism, biography, and memoir in comics
Keynote Speaker

Kim Deitch got his start in the late 1960s, working at The East Village Other and Gothic Blimp Works. An Eisner Award-winning writer with experience in both comics and animation, he is the author of such works as All Waldo Comics, The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Alias the Cat, Shadowland, and The Search for Smilin’ Ed

For up-to-date information on the event, including details on the keynote speaker and registration, visit the conference website: http://graphicengagement.wordpress.com

Email abstracts of 250 words, with a brief author biography, to: graphic.engagement@gmail.com

Please include “Graphic Engagement Conference 2010” in the subject heading.

Hotel rooms have been set aside at the Union Club Hotel, Purdue Memorial Union
 101 N Grant Street | West Lafayette, IN 47907 | (800) 320-6291

Graphic Engagement Conference Organizers

Email: graphic.engagement@gmail.com
Visit the website at http://graphicengagement.wordpress.com/

August Updates

July was a rough month, and I've fallen very far behind on things. But, I'm going to try and upload a series of posts today on this blog and our related blogs in the interests of catching up a little bit.

Also, the hotel details for the PCA/ACA conference in San Antonio next April have finally been settled, and I will be posting a call for the "Comics Get Medieval 2011" later in the month.