"Rejoice, my son, for thou hast chosen the Amulet of Right o'er the Sword of Might! Therefore, let there be beauty and strength--power and compassion--honour and humility, mirth and reverence--within you... Be one with thy brothers of the Round Table--with Arthur and Lancelot, Gawain and Galahad, with them all... Be thou what they were--a hero! Strive forever to maintain the rule of right--of law and justice--against those who live and rule by might."

Chris Claremont, "From the Holocaust--A Hero!" Captain Britain No. 2 (20 Oct. 1976)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Frank Cammuso's Obama Hood!

Frank Cammuso, political cartoonist and creator of the Arthurian-inspired Knights of the Lunch Table series for young readers, has recently posted a Robin-Hood-themed cartoon at http://blog.syracuse.com/cammuso/2010/05/not-so_merry_men.html.

I've attached a copy below.

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