Friday, January 1, 2010

New and Recent: Fate/Stay Night

Happy New Year and welcome to the Arthur of the Comics Project Blog. Soon, I will be posting a preliminary bibliography of studies related to the study of Arthurian comics, but, in the meantime, readers can expect some notices on new and recent comics like this one.

Out this month is No. 6 of Tokyopop's manga series Fate/Stay Night. The manga is based on a twenty-four episode anime series, adapted from a 2004 computer game by TYPE-MOON, that aired in Japan in 2005. The anime series, now available in the West on DVD, features a character named Arturia Pendragon, a female incarnation of King Arthur, who, as "Saber," is summoned from the past to participate in an epic struggle featuring master mages and their servants (Saber included) for possession of the Holy Grail, a talisman of incredibly powerful magic capable of reshaping reailty. Nos. 1 through 5 of the manga set up the struggle for the Grail and introduce the main characters, while No. 6 (Jan 2010) sets the stage for the revelation of Saber's true identity (to occur in No. 7 due out in March), when her weapon is revealed to be Excalibur.

More details on the Fate/Stay Night franchise can be found on its Wikipedia page. Previews of the manga can be found on Tokyopop's web site.

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