Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wasted Land Video

Here's more from Dorman on the series from a 2013 interview:

Dorman's The Wasted Lands Collected

Another quick update for the night:

Dave Dorman's once and future series The Wasted Lands has been collected and reissued as an omnibus edition by Magnetic Press. Its a handsome over-sized volume and reasonably priced at $24.99.

Full details at The site includes an interview with Dorman, a video trailer (see below), and a press kit.

Dave Dorman's WASTED LANDS Omnibus graphic novel trailer from Neurobellum on Vimeo.

Camelot in Four Colors Updated

Alan Stewart has recently announced that his Camelot in Four Colors website has been updated through 2015. As always, the site offers a wealth of information and images. It can be accessed at